Something Fishy Pack

Something Fishy Pack

Holy carp... we have no doubt you’ll be hooked on the new... “Something Fishy Pack” 🎣

For all you fish lovers the bait is finally over ...

Here it is a Pick ‘n Tricks bass-ically loaded with fishy goodness. 

From crispy fish skins, to mackerel snacks, soft carp bites, smoked cod, chick & fish sticks, crunchy salmon bites, salmon hot dogs, white ocean fish sushi & not forgetting the sprats!

*this pack does also contain chicken (this can be removed on request) - cod skins wrapped with chicken 

Natural, Tasty, Textured & packed with omega-3 and other essential fish based oils & nutrients. 

Suitable for 4 months plus.

To keep fresh store in a dry, cool place.
Shelf life in excess but we like to say 6 months from purchase.