Mr Carrot

Mr Carrot

Say hello to our new stock of VEGAN & VEGGIE Dog Chews! Both made up of sweet potato & pea flour to bring you a meat free option. Whether your doggie is veggie, has allergies to certain meats, or whether you fancy trying something different,  these are the perfect option! 

🥕 Mr Carrot’s flavour comes from Dried Carrot so there are no added flavourings - all natural. 

These chews are a healthy, low fat, tasty, meat free option to reward your doggie with! 

They have ridges and bumps on the underneath that can aid plaque reduction and help to clean teeth. 

Enticing & Tempting as well as super cute!

*We advise these are suitable for 4 months plus - but always ensure you supervise puppies with any treat or chew! There is always a choking hazard. But if given under a monitored  environment these can be great for teething pups