The faces & story behind the brand

Hi all,  my names Lauren and this all started with my little buddy Pablo. I guess this little ball of fluff is not only the love of my life but the inspiration behind me starting up Pick 'n Tricks. So disclaimer time, during lockdown I may have got myself, let's just say... multiple Pick and Mix Sweet bags delivered to the house. While sat munching through 1kg of sugary heaven, Pablo looked up at me with his puppy dog eyes as through to say, "That looks good and I want to be involved!" So I headed over to his treat cupboard, pulled out a pack of treats and give him one ... but he'd already had one of them earlier and he looked a bit fed up with the choice I had put in front of him...


Why don't dogs have a Pick and Mix style service like us humans? Pick 'n Tricks! I then remembered back to when we first got him and how much money I had spent trying out different treats and flavours to see which he liked and to keep him from getting bored during training. If only I had had a pack which had a little bit of everything in! 

So that's when I started searching, and to my knowledge no one was offering a product/ service quite like it that I could find. Next came the hours of market research into what amazing treats I would like to include. Meanwhile me and my bestfriend (Leah) played about with colours and designs for the logo and branding. And I guess that was it really; once I have an idea I am one of them people who just run with it and see what happens! Luckily thanks to the amazing support, followers and love,  the idea received on Social Media it just took off and now we work closely with our customers to provide the best Packs of Products to cater for most of, if not all needs! Feedback is key to grow and get better,  and the community we now feel apart of is just incredible for supporting this!  As they say the rest is history, and that's how the idea of Pick 'n Tricks came about.

Since writing the above we have now expanded our little Team. Not long after the instagram account celebrated 10K, we treat Pablo to a little brother for all his hard work, therefore we now have two Furry CEOs Pablo & Diego. 

Our little business is now a Limited Company, Trade Marked & has some VERY exciting things in the pipeline. We are constantly working hard to update/ upgrade our existing products, while bringing new, fresh ideas to the Dog Treat world. Keep your eyes on the website & instagram during 2021 for some amazing newness!  

UPDATE 08/01/2021- Pick ‘n Tricks features in Vogue February 2021 Issue 

Did I just write that!? Is this actually real!? ... Wow!

What a journey this has been so far, to then be asked to feature in one of the biggest, most well known magazines in the U.K. (and the world) was, well, overwhelmingly humbling, magical and special.

So truth be told, I actually nearly missed this once in a life time opportunity.. yes, typical me! I was contacted back in August / September 2020 to be apart of the Xmas editions (Dashund Threw the Snow). Due to my business inbox being extremely hectic and me trying to juggle 101 things as per usual - the email was missed!

You can imagine my face late Nov when I finally came across said email  ... I then also panicked thinking I wasn’t worthy of a slot in Vogue - “I’m not a fashion brand”, “I don’t sell cute doggy clothes & accessories”, “My business? Are you sure?”  Snap out of it women! You’ve worked hard for moments like this, take it and enjoy it!

I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I trust the timing of things in my life. I was and still am beyond grateful for this opportunity and I count my lucky stars I was asked.  So back to my story, the editor was understanding & offered me a slot in another edit - “Furever Yours’ featuring in February, March & April 21.

Feb- the first edition of 2021 & on sale on Pablo’s 1st birthday

Mar- Pick ‘n Tricks Anniversary

Apr- the month Pick ‘n Tricks started selling

It felt right and special and here we are!

So on a personal note,  if you are thinking of starting something your passionate about? I advise to stop thinking and just do it .. embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until later on. 

And you owe it to yourself to do things that make you happy - Find it. Do more of it. And see where you end up! 

And well ... I ended up in Vogue, as seen in Vogue, my little business, Pick ‘n Tricks in Vogue! (I don’t think I’ll get bored of saying that anytime soon). 



So today I just want to say, none of the amazing journey above would of been possible without you. Thank you all for your continued Love, Support & Custom. You will never know how much it means to a small business. 

Keep tuned for more of our business journey but for now thank you for taking the time to get to know us and

Pick 'n Tricks x